Tā te Manawa in México

The first Tā te Manawa retreat outside Aotearoa was held in Ayutla, Oaxaca in March 2024 for the local Ayuujk Jä’äy community.

“I am infinitely grateful for the retreat. I have learned that it is important to love and value myself. I know that words are not enough but I am returning home very happy. It is a gift for me.” - Mätsä

“I want you to continue sharing this retreat in many other places because it is practical and grounded in everyday life. It is very worthwhile giving ourselves this space because in this way we contribute a grain of sand towards bringing love and healing the planet.” - E.

"I am filled with light, energy and hope. I know that I am not alone, that there are people who love us and push us to continue fighting. I will meditate and transform what hurts me, and then share it with my children and family.” - C.

“The retreat is a spiritual experience that encourages a reunion with yourself, with Mother Nature and with the divinity that exists in all human beings. It is an opportunity to gain trust and security, and thus be able to give yourself and others love. I gained new friendships and greater knowledge and trust with those I already knew. With all my heart I thank you for your kindness, generosity and willingness to make this wonderful experience a reality.” - Flor

“I got just what I expected and even more. I was at a point in my life in which I needed to connect with my inner world to find the peace I needed, and I did find it with the guidance of Makaira and Tania. The body meditation was powerful because I connected with my ancestors and with my inner child, and took the opportunity to give myself a lot of love and pampering. In the guided walk in the forest, I witnessed and participated in the miracle that happens when you connect body, mind and soul.” - Soledad

“I took with me the self-love that I needed. I had forgotten how good it feels to be in contact with Mother Nature, and connecting with her helped me open my mind more, and my spirituality. From my anxiety and depression, I truly returned to earth to feel alive as I am but in a new version. The retreat was one of my best experiences of my life, it came just at the time when I most needed a guide for my life. I felt so stuck, then it came at the right time when I was trying to get out of that abyss.” - Nancy

"A huge thank you to Makaira for this incredible work transforming hearts and lives.” - N.

“I obtained the peace and tranquillity that I was looking for, a safe and respectful place where I could be present and overcome my fears. The retreat is very well structured to guide you to live in the present moment and connect with spirituality, with your body, and with nature. It is a totally practical retreat where you experience trust, love and life.

The moments of contact with nature, with the earth and the water were the most powerful because they gave me confidence in myself, a confidence that I had lost, and helped me feel less afraid of my own body and what I can do. The retreat is a safe and respectful place where you discover the love and the divine that is within us. Makaira transmits love and respect to us through activities that reconnect us with our true divine self.” - Liuba

“The walking meditation was powerful. I was able to feel in my body what it really means to stop controlling, stop thinking, expect absolutely nothing and just be.” - Yanina

“The retreat is an experience to reconnect with the spirit and with oneself to heal one's own path and recover the energy to continue, in an atmosphere of love and respect.” - Kayo