A healing and leadership retreat for Māori and Indigenous people

A space for healing

Tā te Manawa is a retreat aimed at nurturing Māori and Indigenous leaders in mind, body and spirit through connection to nature, our inner selves and one other through the beautiful taonga of our cultural heritage.

"Makaira is a fantastic facilitator. He created a safe, warm space to explore and be vulnerable" - Aroha, Māwhera

Tāne te Waiora

Leadership and purpose

The retreats offer a unique opportunity to explore "leadership from within" through fun creative play activities and deep wānanga designed to connect with our own heart and wairua, and the voice of Tamaroto, our inner child.

"This experience was life changing." - Irihapeti, Ōtautahi

Tāne te Wānanga

The taonga of our tūpuna which lie within our people and culture are very much needed to bring healing to the world. The retreats are both a way to look after yourself by reconnecting with nature, heart and spirit, and a way to reconnect with your purpose in life and find your way forward. For Māori, for Indigenous peoples, this is a way home.

"A journey of self discovery and healing from a Māori perspective." - Christina, Tai Tokerau

Tāne te Tokorangi

Making a difference

"I don’t even know where to begin. This retreat has been massive for me and couldn’t have come at a better time. It was life changing. I will forever treasure the taonga Makaira has gifted us. I never realised how much I needed this." - Trish, Māwhera

"The safe, kind and supportive environment Makaira offers is absolutely fantastic - I will always come back to another retreat. The food was delicious and the accommodation superb." - Māwhera

"The retreat was inspiring. The food was delightful. I really enjoyed Makaira’s attention to small detail - flowers, blankets, taonga, lavalavas etc - to help make the wānanga experience sensually rich. Makaira’s ability to give direct, appropriate and personalised feedback to individual members of our group was an invitation to engage deeper at each stage of the wānanga. We were always invited to participate. This was very self-empowering." - Robbie, Māwhera

"Spiritually and emotionally healing, with no judgement." - Raukura, Māwhera

"I was privileged to share and build trust with my colleagues. The greater understanding I gained towards them will make me more enthusiastic and dedicated to open honesty in the workplace. I loved the musical wānanga session with its simple joyful expression." - Robbie, Māwhera

"This was a significant wānanga for me. It was awesome to do it with my hoa rangatira, I really think it has brought us closer together. The focus on self care and the most careful way you challenged my ways of being ensured that I am strong and my tank is full. I have been using many of these tools since returning home and really believe that this experience was life changing." - Irihapeti, Ōtautahi

"This retreat is very beneficial for implementing change in your workplace through the journey of self-love. Achieving that as a team builds a stronger connection for our mahi in the community." - Bridie, Hokitika

"The healing that happened for me during that workshop has changed my life. It has been the most beneficial work I have ever done in this space and was unexpected, but I am extremely grateful to you and my amazing mahi whānau for this." - Hannah, Māwhera.

"The activities opened my heart and mind to the gifts I can share with the world, and enabled a recognition of my true self. This experience opens your heart to love." - Waikohatu, Hokitika

"I had a space to heal under safe facilitation, and share all of who I am. I was free, relaxed and safe. I was guided by tikanga and our environment, and left feeling at peace." - Sami, Ōtautahi

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